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Of The People By The People For The People - The Answer That Will Never Happen

One vote one person.

The concept of representative government no longer works due to politics and industry lobbying. 

In today's electronic society we could allow people to vote on most issues. 
Require bills to be simpler in nature WITHOUT the added pork and other unrelated line items.
Make the job of our senators and representatives to draft these bill and then explain them simply to their voters.
If billing, financial accounts, medical accounts and other highly personal information can be handled online - so can voting.
Safeguards and preventions could be put in place.
Those who don't have internet access could be given it at libraries and other public sources.
Anyone who says people wouldn't understand the issues better look closely and our congress.
Constant debate and failure of the parties to work in the best interest of the people is far worse than the wrong answer.
Decisions and changes would be more fluid and able to adjust as they progress.

Representative government made sense in the days when communication took days and weeks but no longer.
My representatives really are representative of me.
Just look at the number of the election promises that are ignored after election.

I think we should all reread The Declaration of Independence and consider our current situation.
whenif whenif 56-60, F 2 Responses Oct 8, 2010

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I think you can find lots of support for most of what you say. The main problem is that the fat cats that pretend (very loosely at that) to represent us would have to vote to change the system so that they would have less control and that just ain't gonna happen I'm afraid. I agree that we could become truly democratic with electronic vote and those could be easily verified by ISP number but again the fat cats that spend our hard earned money won't give it up easily. A constitutional convention could change all that too but is so scary to think that it also could end what little freedoms we still cling to as well. Better to suffer the slings and arrows I'm afraid. Sadly afraid.

Yeah, it is really getting to the point that the politicians..really do not have a clue as to how we all starting to look at them. Hugs, LW