I Hate Bringing Issues Up Because It Just Gets Worse

I asked a Question here about trying to Understand "Obama Care" 3 Days ago. My Kindred's did not find it. But the EP Fascist Did.

And the Whole Question and Answers just came from the Fascist making it more to Bashing Obama and ridiculing Me!

Was not my intention for my Question. Nobody made it clear why it gets Hysterical and Understood. Most used it to criticize my Voting for Obama.

I Deleted the Question because, the moment I try to find Understanding about Issues.

It becomes a Mess! Stirring Up More Confusion of what I Hate about Politics!

There is a Flu Epidemic going On! Wonder if that will wake people Up?

Just deceiving ideas I guess? I wish there was more Hope?
ChakraSolipsismMGP ChakraSolipsismMGP
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

The pundits and delusionalist, sure do make it hard to ignore them, but I still try.
This is especially true for online forums. If only eye-rolling were classified as aerobic, I could have my morning workout complete just reading the political news forums.

There is hope. How many of your friends and co-workers are so rude and intolerable when it comes to political views? I'm sure there are a couple... but the vast majority of your friends are reasonable, level-headed people. Right? So.. that's the hope. Online = chaos theory at it's finest.