Be An Individual Be An American

Its a pity about the current political climate.  People have forgotten what the United States Of American was founded on...Individual freedoms.  In a political setting of only two major parties we are doomed to the realm of sheep.  Follow one or the other be a part of the popular group or be an out cast.  The average American is as much a prisoner to one of the major political parties Republican or Democrat as they were to the "Popular Clique" in high school.

Wake up people this isn't a popularity contest we are dealing with here.  This is the future of your livelihoods and that of your children and grandchildren.  If you are making your political decisions basted on popularity you need to be back in school.  It makes NO DIFFERENCE what name is on the party punch out.  If they do not represent your belief ENTIRELY then you do not need to be voting for them when the time comes.

If your voting decisions are based on half truths and on who had the better personality then you NEED TO GROW UP!  Smell the REALITY that surrounds you! 

Ben Franklin stated that our government and country would collapse as soon as we were dependent upon a TWO PARTY system.  Guess what, we are a two party system.  He also stated that we would fall from within...hmmmm has anyone paid any real attention to the country? Or is every one too focused on the trumped up financial crisis being portrayed in the media to really research for themselves what is going on in this country? After all, do you have food to eat, clothes to wear, a car to drive. a place to stay.  Seems you have a heck of a lot more than your ancestors had, right?  So how bad off are you really?  Do you have a cell phone, wide screen tv, video games, a recreational vehicles, a few luxuries your parents never dreamed of having?  And you are so bad off?  Pleeeeeze, do you need a little cheese with the whine?

As for the housing, ah, just who signed for an adjustable rate mortgage in the first place?  Who placed the gun to the head and forced the signature?  Or was it all a matter of placing a bet on an unsecured gamble?  Who lost that bet because they had to have the luxuries as well as the adjustable interest rate?  Whose fault is it that people actually GAMBLED with their families livelihoods and futures just to get a TEMPORARY low interest rate on a house they could not afford to begin with? The government?  They actually signed on that dotted line and accepted those mortgage terms?  Who?

Its not about oil, or war or equality ore even interest rates.  It is all about pulling the wool over your eyes and making you complacent about what is going on.  As long as we "Go along" with and play into what is supposed to be "Normal" we are being controlled and played like a bunch of idiots. For heaven sake stop being what everyone else is and BE YOURSELF!

Wake up!  Vote for who represents your individual beliefs and your inner conscious!  DO NOT vote for who you think your neighbor or your family wants you to vote for.  Quit being led around by your nose and your wallet and listen to your gut and your heart.  BE AN INDIVIDUAL!  Dont vote for "THE PARTY" just because that is what is on your registration card or because that is who your father or mother or your family votes for. ANd stop trying to please the rest of the world too.  The rest of the world powers do not have to live in your country.  Vote for what YOU believe in.  AND learn to THINK FOR YOURSELF!  Also learn to see the lies no matter who is telling them.  WAKE UP PEOPLE.  Remember what your ancestors fought for.  Remember what your ancestors stood for.  Have you come so far that you have forgotten where you came from?

Until we, as a FREE NATION begin ACTING like a FREE NATION, we are going to be controlled and manipulated by the two party system into keeping it just that.  Put the POWER where it belongs..... IN THE HANDS OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! ONE PERSON ONE VOTE!


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1 Response Aug 26, 2008

Could not have said it better myself GG!<br />
When we stop "trying" to be Politically Correct and return to basic good manners as well as living by common sense our great country will return to the shining glory it once was!