Open Seasons

Before I start, let me state for the record that I am neither Democrat or Republican despite having voted for Obama. That being said, I hate politics and politicians. If it was up to me, hunting season would consist of hunting down every politician and shooting them at point blank range. We'd give 75 points for every Democratic and Republican head found on your walls. It's the same bullshit every year:'we need a change, this country is going down the drain yada-yada-yada'. Then the MF'er gets into office and suddenly all that talk disappears. Accountability goes out the window and he does little different from his predecessor. You think because we got a black man president that somehow that signifies a change in this country??? The son of a ***** is a PROSTITUTE, you can buy the crap if you want to be remember how many people he has to screw to get his job and keep his job.

Plus let's be realistic, if you believe there's really a change - visit the local jail and tell me how many black people or Hispanic people you see filling the cells. Then remind me of why NONE of the cops who gunned down Diallo ever saw a serious prison sentence. I rest my case.

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Jun 11, 2009