Why Is It...?

why is it when you call a customer service umber in Quebec and press 2 for english, they answer you in french anyway? That's not a good foot to get off on. Then they have fracophones who have horrible english accents trying to talk to the english customers. ugh. sorry, i speak more german than I do french...

why is it bill collectors don't seem to have any customer service training whatsoever?

why is it the customer often knows the company's system better than the curstomer service rep?

why is it companies insits on forcing a high turnover in their call centers to prevent from having to give out benifits, resulting in unexperienced customer service reps to be the majority in every call center?

AngelaDark AngelaDark
31-35, F
1 Response Dec 14, 2007

About those last two... Sometimes, it can be the company's fault entirely. You can have perfectly well experienced people on the phones...but especially in the case of outsourcing, these people might get completely stuck on a call that's not standard procedure. Things change, and communication is poor.