Comcast Is - S D R A W K C A B -

If you have endured the customer service nightmare from Comcast and have your internet or cable box installed the product is great. The problem is getting the installation. First you have to deal with the automated phone system. You know - which language press #, for security reasons put in your account # and press #, which department press #, type of problem press #, do you want to try some new product (your calling for another reason) press # and finally please hold for the next customer service representative ... 15-20 minutes later you finally get to the PERSON you need to speak with and hope they speak English and don't have a super thick accent of which you can't understand and if so speak slow enough for you to understand what the heck they just said. You give all the required information for installation, they don't provide any useful info, no, if you don't ask, they don't tell. So if you finish the call and realize you forgot to ask something you have to go through that entire process again.

You'll see those commercials on TV for sign-up for super fast comcast whatever product they are pitching at that time. I think they are wasting their money on those commercials. If they ran those commercials less often they have the money to pay actual English speaking CSRs to answer the phone sooner than after 20min of holding and pressing every number under the sun. Then there's the waiting for the installation tech TO SHOW UP. So they give you a appointment WINDOW. No not a time, a spance of time like 2-5pm or 8-11am, something like that. So you have to wait around for them to show up. Most of the time they don't. Your time say was 2-5pm, they don't show up till 8pm. So you had to wait 6 hours for them to show up to install your service. What's with that? If they really want my business they should respect my time. I am paying for their service, its not like its free.

So after you've waited 6 hours and they finally show up, then you hope that they send someone that speaks English and knows what they are doing. Its like you have become an experienced electrician to make sure they're doing it right because if they don't, yep, you guess it, you have to start all over. Usually they're rushing through the appointment because they have too many customers booked for each block of time. How about this, why not hire some of those hundreds of thousands of people out of work, train them, then each tech will have time to do the job right the first time without hastily doing the work so they can do the same damn shoddy thing to the next person.

Comcast thinks backwards. They promote their product as being superior to their competitor, yet they don't have the Customer Service to make the transition from not having their service to having it smoothly. How about spend less money on commercials and improve the quality of the personnel and then they'll actually RETAIN their customers longer so they won't have to continually advertise in order to meet a certain bottom line!
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5 Responses Jul 27, 2010

I don't understand why they make it so hard baltazar616. Thanks for your support :~)

Oh yea, comcast put me through hell just getting everything installed.

LOL - Good one HeartofHearts.

in our house, we refer to this company as ComScam.

I don't mind the over the phone part, its the computerized endless button pushing and then when you finally get to someone they aren't helpful at all. Thanks for your support destney24.