Horrid Service While Aslo Being Ripped Off

For two years now, my sister and I have been suffering under a corrupt Home Owners Association.  The entire complex (except the spots that immediately surround THEIR property) is ghetto.  They don't use our $180 in monthy dues to maintain the rest of the propety, just theirs.  And after asking questions, they unmercifally began harassing us.  :(

Our board consist of three females, and the bylaws state it only takes two to do whatever the heck they want.  So we have 20 condo units, and the two HOA females who live in the back (nice part) have total control.   I've written a long story about it, detailing all the harrassment, pettiness, rudenss, theivery etc, so I will try to keep it brief here, because what I want to talk about is the amazignly bad customer service I recieved when I tried to get help, and how I was ripped off in the process.

Wanting to end the harassment / corruption, I sought legal help.  We couldn't afford a lawyer, so I looked up the first local paralegal I saw in the phone book (there were only two).  I had a bad BAAAAD feeling when I first walked into that paralegal's office. First of all, it was located in a dicey ***** mall and insdie the office looked like a tornaodo just blew threw.  The paralegal's two dogs were running freely around in the office, which was just one little room containing three people -  an elderly (and very forgetful) clerk, a sickly clerk, and the 60ish wannabe lawyer paralegal who was  too busy on the phone (for personal reasons) to greet paying customers, us, who were HER ONLY CUSTOMERS in there.  Oh yeah, we should have walked right out, but we were desperate for answers as well as assitance.  We explained the case, gave her all the evidence and research we'd done ourselves, and asked three legal interpretation questions. She didn't answer ANY of  them, but said she'd read over the material and tell us the answers then. She then offered to write a letter to the HOA stating I am running for the board, and send it certified mail.  I was to pick it up the next day, and guess what, it wasn't done the next day.  I was told instead  to come the next day, and guess what, still not done.  I went in the day after that, and nope, she still hadn't done it.  She just said to come back later...

Sheez, all Jeannie from "All legal solutions" did was call Maureen, our HOA Treasurer, and then tell me (after I called Jeannie back for the letter) what a wonderful person Maureen is.  That's it.  She didn't answer the questions that we paid 300 dollars for, nor did she write letter she herself had offered.   After waiting four days for a simple letter and answers to three legal questions, I wrote out the three questions and attached it to the last email Maureen had sent me.  I had written notes to MYSELF on this email, which weren't for Jeannie, but I explained to the sickly clerk (since Jeannie was out) that I was dropping the email off in case she wanted to read it.  An hour later, Jeannie called me up, raising her voice to me, saying, she didn't appreciate me telling her, her job!  What the hell?  I told her i'm sorry, i never meant to come off that way.  She kept up the angry tone,  reading aloud my notes handwritten on Maureen's printed eamil - I told her that the notes were to myself, not her.  I had to tell her this five friggin' times, because she read each and every note I scribbled - which wasn't even for her, but could't grasp that concept.  As for three questions I had written out, the ones from day one that were NEVER anwered, she agrily said, "I already anwered ALL of your questions!!"  Can you believe this?  Then she said for me to write the letter myself, and she'll just sign her name to it.  What the hell?!?  Now this is a person who told me over and over that she was a coporate attorney in Texas and wants to take the bar here in California.  Now I'm thinking, this freakoid is a nut case who was probably disbarred in Texas.   My goodness, even while sitting with her, she took every damn personal call, talked to every friend who stepped in, even broke into chat with her employees behind us, all during our "consultation" - after we PAID.  We even had to repeat ourselves over and over  during every single conversation with this bag,and still she didn't get it.  I remained very calm with her, though inside I was raging.  Even though she was unprofessional and rasing her voice tome, I placated her ego on the phone, telling her how much I appreciate her, and BOOM, she then said she'd write the letter (again), but would call me "sometime" tomorrow.  I wanted a time, she got pissed again, and said she'd drop it off herself.  But I doubt this, because four days ago she said she wanted to canvas the complex grounds, but never did.  She accused me of wanting to "take down" the HOA, and I told her if this is what it takes to get repairs made, then yes.  I don't want to deal with her anymore, but we need our evidence back.  My sister said after she get's off work tomorrow, she'll go and ask for our stuff back, screw the letter.  I went to the HOA Treasurer Maureen today, told her I am for sure running and signed the little paper she gave me. But I know, even if I win, it won't change anything.  She already shot down my proposals to enlarge the board, and lied about a playground installation raising insurance.  A homeowner already spoke to the insurance and found this was not true.

DangerMouse87 DangerMouse87
Jul 30, 2010