Bill My Parents Customer Disservice

I was thinking about cancelling daughters BillMyPArents cards. Initially i was only calling for refund information because I intended to cancel only one card but after such a negative experience with your ill equiped and unhelpful customer service I need to cancel both cards so I dont have to have any further contact with Bill my parents ever again. Customer service should be just that not treating a customer like a criminal by giving them 2 chances to answer a question. The bank doenst even do that, they allow you to verify other items even if one item can not be verified, this is a prepaid card for christ sake with 2 small balances. If I was a criminal I wouldnt waste my time on these accounts. Considering the cash belongs to me I would have appreciated assistance on how to proceed IF I decided to cancel, which now that decision has been made for me. Your hours for the credit dept is during normal work hours (9-5) and I have to wait for them to call me I cant call them so Im not sure how Ill ever get this straightened out. Maybe that is by design. PS pray you never get Emily on the line because all she will ever say is NO Ma'am/sir because she cant do anything about anything Oh yeah then she blocked thecard and account completely out of spite because i told her she had bad customer service skills.

JOYfulJoyful JOYfulJoyful
May 19, 2012