Tradesmen Let Me Down.

I moved house last year to a lovely old place that is a bit run down.  I have tried contacting various tradesmen to get things fixed and have had some disappointing experiences.  One man came around to quote on fixing the front verandah.  However when I contacted him asking for a couple of minor changes and a starting date he never replied.  A handyman was going to come regularly once a fortnight for a few hours and fix lots of little things for me.After coming twice,he cancelled due to his children's illness 3 times in a row.  Just didn't turn up the 4th time and when I called him, said he was "double booked". One man built a gate that fell to pieces.  Another rang about a quote and gave me half a dozen excuses about why he didn't get back to me sooner.  I still need to get more work done on the place but my experiences with tradesmen have made me hesitate to call any one else.  What is the problem, don't they want the work? 
madtiger293 madtiger293
2 Responses May 23, 2012

Same for me, you would think in this economic climate they would want all the work they could get, it almost feels when they do turn up like they are doing YOU a favour!

Sounds like a global problem. I have had my fair share with rogue tradesmen;( Maybe too many jobs for them to choose from or maybe not disciplined enough. A big problem here too;(