Walmart Has The Worst Customer Serivce In The World

it seems like every time im always in line for ever and going very slow. I hate it.
kingoftheice kingoftheice
26-30, M
4 Responses May 28, 2012

I sometimes wonder if they are just cheap. I've been there on very busy days sometimes and there'll be massive line ups and only 3/25 cashes are open with no one calling for help. I think the problem is that they know we'll wait the half hour or so in line to put through our order, if we all started just leaving when it was that busy then maybe they'd have more cashiers going or at least start timing their cashiers to inspire some form of a rush.

it doesnt matter if its low price or sucks.

Even lines are big and people wait hours and hours .did you ever think why it is always busy ?Walmart is a place who always offered what customer wants.low price and every day price reducing that is the reason people love to shop there even they hate Walmart.

i know I agree.they just put people who dont know what they are doing behind there.