I Just Needed A Loaf Of Bread!

Went into a grocery I've been shopping at my whole life, since I could sit in the cart. I go to the bread aisle, and an employee is doing her shopping. She knocks a bag of rolls off the shelf, looks at it, and walks away. I give her 'a look', and put them back on the shelf. She snaps, "You don't need to give ME a dirty look!" I said, "Uh, yeah, I do!" (Who does that at their workplace? Leaving work for others to do---well, many people, including this pig, obviously) She screams at me, "I'M OFF THE CLOCK, SO **** YOU!" I, of course, said, "No, **** you!" She yells at me, from TWO AISLES AWAY, "**** you, you fat f*cking b*tch!" I went directly to the first checker on duty and said I wanted to talk to a manager, and I wanted to talk to them RIGHT NOW. He went to get the information, meanwhile, she comes up behind me and yells at her co-worker, "I'M OFF THE CLOCK! GIVE HER LOUIE'S NUMBER!" And then to me, "Do you think your 'little complaint' is going to get me in trouble? Well, it's NOT!" Then continued to use the 'f' word, and say, "I know EXACTLY who you are!" I said, "No, I don't think you do." She says, "Oh, yeah, I do, and you're a fat f*cking b*tch! You need to find somewhere else to shop!" She continued using the 'f' word. She is still in the store, still in uniform, and apparently thinks that being off the clock means she can scream obscenities in the store, at a customer? I immediately called the number I was given, and told the person that answered, who was a clerk at their other store, what happened, and she said, "What? OMG, let me get the manager!" I told him what happened, and he says, "Was she blonde? Sounds like Amy..." WHAT??? You know she acts like this? I repeated what she said about how my 'little complaint' won't get her in trouble, and he says, "Uh, she's wrong." And told me to call the owner on Monday...which I will do first thing tomorrow morning.
Oriani Oriani
Sep 23, 2012