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i work in customer service . i work as an customer service supervisor for a local grocery store . i listen to bitchy customers all day long . i know the expections and i expect that and more when i go somewhere . if i am not happy with my service . i will email and complain to them about it . i have done it with mcdonalds , wendy's , taco bell .  i just hate when i pay money for it and i get ****** service when i could go somewhere else and get excellent service for the same price .

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1 Response Feb 16, 2010

well what i get sick of is these customer service call centers for products and they have no f-ing clue about the product i was calling about a cordless phone and the woman (from what sounded like idia no less) asked me if i had touch tone phone service I LIVE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA OF COURSE I DO <br />
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Another call i had to make had to do with my cellphone and the receptioon was bad anyway static could barely hear the guy that sounded like he was from jamacia and i tell him i just charged the battery and i have a black screen dead phone and he's telling me to remove the batery and all this bologna i acidentally hung up on him trying to pry it out <br />
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call back press 15 numbers to get a person and i get a guy that sounds like he runs the quickie mart on the simsons who thinks its turned off says press and hold this the problem it shut itself off for some idiotic reason and in the instruction manual it doesn't say hold for up to 2 minutes to turn it on <br />
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my virus and spyware people send me more goobldie gook e-mails than anyone i know then wonder why i never follow the instuctions thats because the words are english but its like someone just strung them together <br />
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and because the software is supposed to be automated no booklet on how to use and the help section is a joke then i get a techie at customer service telling me well it can't be doing that when i just spent the last 45 minutes waching it do that