I Cant Stand ****

I was at my mans house and he wanted me to give him hxxx while he watched a pxxx featuring two girls acying like freaks in a circus minus the circus.. I was like no way. I love him and find it to be disrespectful and demeaning. I like to do whatever my man likes except this bothered me alot and I was like no way and he got mad so I left.

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well for me it is a problej becxause he likes hispanic woman and throws it in my face always like he likes them and was watching two chicks f...each other and wanted me to give him head it is too much and he goes on and on about stuff and I get sick of hearing abpout it and find it disrespectful, he is deviate to a degree ...moderation is key in life is all I can say....

Hmmm...I have mixed feelings on this subject....pornographic ex<x>pressions have existed since man first learned how to draw, sculpt and carve....*********** in and of itself is not bad...I think too much of it can be disruptive...and there are certainly problems in the industry that creates ****...<br />
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I believe it comes back to the idea of balance...erotic images have a place...sexual ex<x>pression is a complicated, passion-filled experience...hell, just being human is tough...so, I say in all things strive for balance...<br />
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I feel we should be careful of our input period in life.. I think it can be so bad for our spirits if we have bad input..

We are told that there is nothing wrong with it, but there are so so so many problems that come from watching it for the man and woman.<br />
there are many books on the subject

I hate **** too, and would find it a real turn-off.