Unreal Expectations

My ex-husband used to compare me to the images he saw in the numerous magazine he had.   He would tell me that he wished I looked as good as the girls in the magazines or in the movies.    That's one of the reasons that I left him.   He made me feel so ugly and worthless and unlovable.....mostly because I couldn't, and wouldn't live, up to the unreal images of the magazines.  
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8 Responses Aug 30, 2007

That is an awful thing for a husband or anybody to say to you. But especially your husband. Sorry.

Oh !! Thank God you left him !! He's so Rude ,what an ***!! Good For u :P and Good Luck

You shouldn't think that there are no good men out there--after having a boyfriend for 2 years who was into **** and taking 10 years to regain my self-respect afterwards, I am now married to a man who I KNOW doesn't look at it at all, and even though he will admit that there is still some small temptation there, he will not hurt our relationship with it because he really loves me and actually values our marriage. Not all men are spineless idiots who can't stay away from it--when you meet a guy you think looks like someone you'd like to know better, tell them right up front that you have a visceral hate for ***********, and don’t want any man who looks at it, at all--if he doesn't flinch or leave, give him a chance, but be careful.

God, men can be losers.

My ex boyfriend used to do that to me. Everytime he would see a bikini model on TV or in magazines, he would say "Why can't you look like THAT?"<br />
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I would never to that to anyone I loved.

I got my self esteem battered by a **** head like that when I was about 19. I stayed with him until I was 22, nearly 4 years. And it's taken a LOT of time to get back to having positive self esteem. I'm so glad you left him. What a ****.

I hope you told him what a loser he was before you left him.<br />
And trust me...leaving him was prob'ly the best gift u gave yourself.Kudos!

What a dysfunctional man to make those sorts of comments. Sounds like you are vastly better off without him in your life, without him and vicious nastiness.