I Have A Thing With Germs..

I hate portajohns, I mean i have a hate for those damn things! I remember when i was a kid my family and i went to the park and i had to use it. My mother noticed a portajohn and she's all "Look Ronnie, there's a portapotty, go use it." I was a kid i didn't know what the hell it was. Well i opened the door and it smelt so bad, the mix of **** and heat does not mix well. Then people don't know how to aim or even pee right!

I hate using public restrooms the most as well. I've went to many female restrooms at movie theaters, and restaurants and it's a shame that a lot of women do not know how to just sit down and pee. They pee all over the seat and i worry about whose *** sits on the seat so i usually have to squat over it 'cause i do not like sitting on the seat. Do not know how many germs are on there or who has what.

I get paranoid easy over things like that.
MissSpookiness MissSpookiness
26-30, F
Apr 27, 2012