I'm With You On That One!

I only go into those things in ABSOLUTE EMERGENCIES

We used to have a sort of portajohn at our summer cabins many years ago before regular toilets were available in summer cabins (I'm talking about (1976-1987) Grandpa built an outhouse where it was just a large (not sure what it's called, fish is kept in these large bucket) and it had a toilet seat on it. Yep and we had to wait for it to almost fill up before grandpa had to take it out and drag it to his 'dumping ground'.

It was GROSS! But we survived with those conditions for over 10 years and then we got a nice FLUSHING toilet, you can't believe the relief and NO MORE STINK! LOL

Spiritsinger Spiritsinger
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1 Response Mar 11, 2010

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