What Real Is Left In You

I know a lot of people who are, well you know trying hards? I get so pissed at them when they talk, dress, or act differently, as if I can't see how they are trying so hard. I know I've been a victim of being a poser too, but I tried my best to fight it off. I learned my style, my actions, and everything. I never tried (all my life) pretending somebody I'm not, maybe no jokes but only imitating somebody. Elvis Presley may say that "Imitation is the best form of flattery", but is imitating somebody is like stealing the people style? (I know, there are valid reasons of imitations) But we're talking about POSERS here. Posers tend to steal everything from you, not literally. Really, what REAL is left in you(posers)?
On my case, I am very artistic and I speak my mind. I sometimes start a fashion trend/s, and some people copy me, I really don't like the feeling of somebody is copying you. My actions, interest, style, hobbies, and dreams, it really **** me off when people copy me.

***The reason why I made this "experience" is that I really want to share a story but for some reasons I can't, I hope someday I can share it here. :)
sunsetglow sunsetglow
22-25, F
Jul 19, 2010