What's Wrong With Real Life?

Ever since high school, I haven't understood the hype of smoking. I really don't. People have tried to explain it to me over and over again, but I still don't get it. Personally, I believe that people who can't live life sober are weak. They can't deal with life as it comes, and need some mind-altering drug in order to survive. I've talked to people who've smoked themselves into a stupor, and it's sad. Probably the worst thing I ever heard was "I could have been on my high school's varsity soccer team, but then I started smoking pot." And you know what? She was proud of that. I couldn't believe it.

Now, after almost seven years of understanding what pot even is and knowing people who do it, and hating it- I'm dating someone who smokes it. It's one of the biggest problems we have in our relationship. I hate it, and he doesn't. The worst part is that he complains that his life is so terrible and that he hasn't gotten anywhere in life. And he has this thing where the last "ten years" specifically has been terrible for him. However, I'm pretty sure it was about ten years ago that he started smoking pot. He's said to be in the beginning "See, I smoke but it hasn't affected my life. I have a job." He hates his job... it makes him depressed every day. Yet he has no motivation to try and change his life for the better. I just don't get it. But I've been trying to figure out how to deal with his pot smoking, because other than the pot, he's been the best boyfriend I've had thus far.

I've noticed in many other things as well- people are just dissatifised with what the world has to offer. There are HD sunglasses... that enhance the natural and normal colors of our world. Why? What's wrong with the way it is? It's disturbing. Personally, I believe people are taking advantage of earth and screwing it over... and I'll laugh if/when mother nature rejects those people.

It also smells terrible. He says that it makes things taste better and makes movies better... well what about the rest of us who eat and watch movies without mind altering substances? We have survived just fine. I'm glad I found a place that hopefully won't be flooded with people saying "Pot is awesome.. you just need to try it" and blah blah.

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i smoke weed,but i respect you for not doing so and not judging anyone who does

I've been smoking for 9 years (in high school) and I regret starting. I'm currently trying to quit. <br />
<br />
Everyone that I know that has quit says "it sucks for about two weeks, but then it's easy after that."