These Kids Just Dont Think About What Emotional Damage They Are Doing To The Kids They Are Picking On

I have a 9 yr old with autism and some times when a kid picks on him and says just the right thing it destroys him. He may not talk for a few days he may cry for a few days, and he may carry that anger and sadness with him for weeks just so another child can feel superior. Why aren't these kids parents teaching them what kind of emotional stress they could put on other children and people by acting in this manor??? My son is disabled but he still has feelings and they are hurt much easier than a normal childs. Parents that may be reading this please talk to your child today and let them know what they may be doing by picking on other kids, my son is one of thousands.

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2 Responses Mar 12, 2010

Sometimes it seems like people are never gonna get smarter or more compassionate. I never to this day can understand what would make someone want to be that cruel and ignorant. Its almost like there's to many defective products out there and not enough recalls. I went through alot of teasing when i was a kid and realized way b4 i learned to stand up 4 myself that some, hell most people arnt worth giving a second of my time to. Nowadays with all the publicized after affects of bullying most schools and police have cracked down harshly. I dont know if this is happening in school or outside of school, but if you contact the proper people in charge, cops, school (principal), parents and explain to them whats going on i guarantee you that no matter how dysfunctional their parents are their will be enough pressure put on them and the kids to think twice b4 they do it again. Im sure any of those channels will let the parents and their kids no how unusually disturbing this is, I mean picking on a kid is one thing but picking on an autistic child is just plain sadistic. Believe me they will understand that and have to sympathize. These kids need to be made to understand how inhuman and cowardly this is. Im really sorry your son has to go through this, the world today just insnt built for good people but it doesnt mean we wont rise above it.

i have autism to and used to take meds for it<br />
i also got ADHD ADD and depretion<br />
and i have no rell frends other than ppl on here....