I Have A Niece Who Is 16 And She Has A Learning Dissability..

My niece is 16 as of right now, and she has a learning dissability and she also acts as if she was so young. People at her school says she's "retarded" but she is not. She is such a sweetheart. yes, she can get on my nerves a lot, but I love her. She loves to watch my baby girl. She has been watching her ever since my lil girl was a baby. My lil girl is turning 10 months soon. My niece would take care of her a lot. People at school make fun of her and it really irritates me. They are so insecure, and try to take on her because they think they are so much better than her. Well, no one is better than anyone here. She is god's child and she needs to stop being picked up because they just feel like it!

People like that sicken me, and they are the ones I feel the most pity for. My niece is such a kind-hearted girl. She is so fun to be around with and no one has the right to push on her because they feel like it! People like that really need to focus on their problems and stop picking on others who has done nothing at all to them!

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my nephew is handicapped and my niece was born with half a brain.when she was born the doctor told my brother and me,2hours,2days,2weeks.she's not going to live.she's 9 and so precious.when my nephew was being picked on in school and i mean viciously,i didn't know my son found out.he waited for my nephews school bus after school one day.the vicious kids started on my nephew.they picked on him not knowing his 6ft6 275pd cousin was waiting to see who was bothering his cousin.all i'm going to say,is my nephew gets a lot of respect now and he loves his cousin a real lot.i raised my kids to always stick up for people especially handicapped people.my son got suspended from school once because he stuck up for his friend of color.10 skinheads told him they were going to jump him at lunch.we had a meeting at the school because of them kids.my son picked up a lunch table and broke it over their heads sending 5 to the hospital.i cannot stand people who pick on others,guess thats why i joined the Corp.AU RAH

People pick on my brother a lot but he brushes it off very nicely, that we can tell anyways. I'm his best friend, maybe his only friend. It's sad.