Embarassed To Know End

It really hurts when someone who you thought was your friend uses you to make themselves look good. This happended to me during a time a "friend" and I teamed - up to give a presentation. I was publicly humiliated by this person whom I don't doubt knew what she was doing. What was definitely apparent is that she needed to feel good about herself and so she had a hidden agenda. Humiliating me made her feel good about herself and satisfied this need she had regardless of how I felt. It tells me alot about a person who can do that and not doubt will do it again. One glaring quality that I believe they have is insecurity and low self-esteem. My question is, should I confront her and let her know what she did was wrong and how it made me feel? Or should I just avoid situations in which she would have the opportunity to do this again? Thanks for the ear.

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1 Response Feb 23, 2010

Hello !!! & Thank You 4 sharing your story! I am sorry that I am late in giving a response to it. I just hope that I am not too late. To answer your question: You can do both. Let her know that what she did was quite wrong and that you did not expect that from her. Don't mention it to her in a harsh way but in a calm manner. When stated in a calm way but in a direct and straight forward tone, she should be able to get the point. Also blocking all situations like those is best as well. It helps to avoid getting hurt again.<br />
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I hope that helps......<br />
You are right about one thing though: persons who do this do tend to have low self esteems and high insecurities......