Stereo Typed By An Ignorant Man

13 years ago I had a man crawl through my bedroom window and rape me at knife point. I didn't use the morning after dose they gave me because I was told in my teens that I could never have children due to an abnormal uterus. Needless to say I now have a 12 year old beautiful son that I would not trade the world for as a result of those actions.
I have been in a relationship with a man for over 4 years. His family dipises me because they are racists and my son is mixed. I realize my decision to have my son would cause consequenses for he and I both ( including a lesser sentence for the rapist after the judge learned I was keeping the child and the stigma from society of having a mixed child let alone a child of rape) .
Before they even knew the story of the rape (not that it mattered as I date based on standards other than race money religion or even gender) they were adement that my boyfriend not date me or that my son associate with him or them . However I have a 10 year old daughter from a prior marriage that they adore and lavish with gifts ( which I will say she does not accept even though I have never said a word because she knows why her brother does not receive any and it breaks her heart).
Now my b/f has a college graduate son from a prior marriage who is coming home for the summer . I have been told by my b/fs father that even though my b/f has no problem with my son being around his son he forbids me to bring my son around his grandson as he is sure that it would upset other family memebers. Most all of whom I have met and most all of whom come around on a regular basis. Now what his family does not know but our children do is that we will be getting married while his son is here and his son knows it and is happy for all of us but I was warned from the beginning of our relationship that " there is no way on hell I would ever be allowed to become a (insert last name here) becuase of my son. So having said that I would love to be able to post a video of his families face when the N****R loving B***H becomes a _________ and my son becomes there in law .... God I hate stupid people but I love it when life slaps them in the face!!!!
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Aug 3, 2010