2 Are On My Mind Right Now...

2 at work.  They think they are better than me and all that, and have noticed various problems in my life and like the "entertainment value" of the whole thing.  They don't know that my spirit is broken.  They don't know why.  They don't care.  They have an emotional need to look down their snoot at somebody, and if they knew my story, they might have to find someone else to fullfill their "betterness" need.

ILoveMarie ILoveMarie
2 Responses Feb 18, 2010

people very seldom care about your backstory but would rather focus on telling you what you're doing wrong and why you shouldn't feel a certain way. makes me sick.

Hey dude! Welcome to my story :-) Thanks for commenting.I think the last sentence may have been a little harsh/inaccurate about this woman though... She's from this culture that has a really strong work ethic... Normally I would too but I'm too busy trying to pull a very ugly sword out of my heart right now.