Got A Prank Call From Some Girl Named "brittney"

I recently got a prank call from some very young sounding girl (like around 18 or something). The first thing she said after I said "hello" was "open the door, I have extra-large condoms!"). My first reaction was confusion, and of course my response was "huh?!!". She repeated what she said, and I asked who she was. She told me "Brittney", or "Brittany", or some variation,and insisted I open the front door. I told her that she must have the wrong number, and asked her what number she was calling. She recited my number, so that made this even more confusing. She just kept on insisting that I open the front door, so I went to the front door and looked out the peephole. There wasn't anyone there. I told here she must really be confused, and I saw no reason to continue the conversation and that I was hanging up. I could hear what sounded like her protesting on her part, and I ended the call.

I never told here that she had my correct number or any other information, but this was indeed baffling. Maybe it wasn't a prank call, but I've had my number for years, and I certainly don't know any other girls aside from my girlfriend. It sure didn't sound like her, and my friends just aren't that messed up to do something like get some girl to call me about having extra large condoms and insisting I open the front door.

Anyone else have a similar experience with a phone call? I'm writing about it because it's so darned weird.
TullSkull TullSkull
36-40, M
May 12, 2012