Our Story

Its pretty crazy the way fate works sometimes..

I moved to Midway Middle School in 2002. My Marine moved to Lorena Middle School in 2002 as well. Lorena and Midway are about 15 minutes apart. I went to Midway all the way until 2004 which is when I moved to Lorena. My Marine went to Lorena all the way until 2004 which is when he moved to Midway. Fast forward to July 2012- I met this guy while I was out with some friends, his name was Chad and I couldnt remember his last name! All I remember was Chad and he graduated from Midway in 2008. So I found him on facebook, he was private so I couldnt see who he really was but so far everything matched because this Chad was the same age, graduated the same year, same school and lived in the same town! I added him and didnt have time to snoop and honestly life kinda caught up with me and I forgot to go back and check this guy out. August of 2012 Chad messaged me, comes to find out this was not the Chad I had met last month, instead this Chad graduated from Midway in 2008 and left that same year for the USMC and hasnt looked back. Thanks to facebook and Skype we fell for eachother and Chad was able to come home in October so we could finally meet. It is now November and we are stronger than ever! We are getting married in December when he comes home again and I will be moving to his base in May. I know its soon and crazy fast but when you know, ya know right?! Anyways thats our love story, we were so close all these years and yet while he was in Japan and I was in Texas we found each other :)
Birdy4997 Birdy4997
22-25, F
Nov 29, 2012