Doctor Drugies

I hate prescription drugs! I've seen so many people lately who take pain killers, antipsychotics and what-not and are so druged up they have no idea what they are doing..... but so determined to do it. They have no idea how crazy they act because they will never remember. These ppl are driving cars practicly asleep and then wakeup and call the cops cuz they think someone stole their car, when really they parked it in some odd place while they where jacked up on their wonderful doctor prescribed medications. I could go on and on with the crazy, scarry crap that they do. Im not a person who is agains drugs, cuz I've had more than my share but these prescribed drugs are extremly dangerious. And not just for the person who they are prescribed too, but just about as equily dangerous to innocent  people who just happen to be around these doctor druggies. At least ppl who use some of the more hardcore drugs are prepared for the results but ppl who are taking these prescription drugs think they will be functional and normal cuz a doctor prescribed it. I wish ppl in the medical field knew what these drugs are doing to ppl. They are more dangerous and destructive then half of the illegal drugs in the world.

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I feel your pain. Many people in my family are on antidepressants and such, some of which have deteriorated (from the prescription drugs) to the point that they receive social security because they can no longer work at a job. One of them alternates between prescription. rohipnol (date rape drug) to help her sleep and aderol for her waking hours along with other antidepressants. Another family member had to get 22 sessions of electroshock therapy because the drugs messed her up so bad and now she will never be the same

Yes I agree 100 % , my friend had a terrible car accident ..she was pumping gas , and this car drove into the gasoline station and just kept driving and smashed into her car..she had seen them coming and let go of the nozzle and jumped back thank god!!....but still her arm got hurt...we found out the driver was on meds , but had doubled up on them and apparantly had been in another accident because of it !!!......<br />
<br />
*sighs* that is such a dangerous situation to be in.....thank you for posting this