Those Who Gripe About ' Lazy' People ( A Metaphor)

I had some battery operated lights and flashlights, that I tried to turn on. I wasn't getting any light from them. In Metaphor should I be like these Pretentious People and say: "What the Hell is the Matter with these flashlights and other lighting things? Oh I Hate It When Lights Do Not Have Their Lights Come On! Aren't they just being Lazy?"

It takes things to ask for 'Energy". So when people don't like something requiring 'Energy'. Why don't they start getting wiser themselves and look into why people aren't getting their 'Energy', if they don't like 'Lazy People'? As for me now, I have to give these Lighting fixtures some New Powerful Batteries, or else make sure the wiring in them is correct or if the Light Bulb needs replacing.

Do these people consider these essentials in others, if they like to see 'Energy' coming out of 'Lazy People'?

No they support Politics where the Elite's get all the 'Energy' resources and don't realize their own 'Energy' is and is coming from ripping off these essentials that other class Citizens need to have the means of having such exerting 'Energy' of themselves, if any one else is going to go beyond the means of being 'Lazy'.

I saw a Group called: "I Hate Lazy People".  This is what I think of those who think of this Group.

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You are right "Fancygal" ... Where did you go? I was trying to find you.