Toaster Strudel Hot Lava

Well I thought I would try toaster strudel for the first time, well I poped into the toaster
up it pops . so i let it cool for i thought a long time . i bite into it and it burnted my tounge and dripped on my booobs
darn it burnted ! i would call it lava! my daughter was trying not to laught at me it hurt but i guess it was funny
her seeing me half asleep eating a hot as hellll toaster strudel . too bad she didnt get it on video . I think I said a few four
letter words for a hour after . lord dont give a blonde toaster strudel. so i got out the ice for my burn bust . thats a bad spot to get
burned . well one morning my husband and i were getting take out break fast and he got coffie so i got to hold it  well one thing i learned
where not to put hot coffie between your legs and hold it on the drive home . he slammed on his breaks and guess what got burned
yuppp . so i make him hold his own coffie . why do fast food places make coffie so damnn hot? no wonder people get burnted
and sue them . well i am healed up little ice does the trick lol . boy ive had the luck with hot foods.
lunnas lunnas
41-45, F
May 8, 2012