Not Cool

if i want to hear you curse i will ask you to, if not then shut up. cuswords are rude anoying and for stupid people. it makes you seem like everyone else and makes you look like a but. its not cool to us profanity between words, after words or even with out other words, it is retated to curse at all so stop. or at least dont curse around me. thx

DarkAmber DarkAmber
18-21, F
3 Responses Feb 25, 2010

i am not a big user of profanity and find that people who do swear all the time are simply demonstrating their lack of vocabulary. Some idiots think t makes them sound tough and worldly. However, sometimes, not often, a profanity/cussword/swear is just so apt and applicable to the situation. So please forgive me if you hear me, it was an involuntary reacton.

exactly! there are zillions of words in existence that are respectable to use to describe your feelings. just cause the popular or big kids curse doesn't mean it's right, especially if anyone at all gets hurt, killed, slighted, punished, etc, for it. Proof it is not okay language.

i know, i agree. i have never used profanity i think except once on accident, and i felt bad immediately afterwards, idk where that came from i wasnt angry at the time it just slipped. but i grew up around people using profanity at home and at school. my mom says she hates it too but is so used to it that when she is angry its hard not to, which is why i never started to begin with. really there are better words to describe things than resorting to such overused, immature words. this is of course just my opinion, but i am glad there are others like me.