Because They Are Manipulating

She is trying to convince me I need Seroquel AND Lithium. I told her there is no way that I really need to have that in my body, nor be that seriously mentally ill at the age of 18. She is trying to talk me into buying them by telling me that I will not get better without medication. I want to get better, but I honestly believe if I am going to get truly better then I should do it on my own without medication. I see my counselor every week and she is a sweet heart who never even brings up the meds, and then I see my pill-pushing psychiatrist and she makes me very angry and not trust them. This is all 3 psychiatrists I have seen, they are all the same just pill pushers.
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1 Response Dec 3, 2012

They are ALL going to push the pills. That's pretty much the bottom line of psychiatry. Sad, but true. Then, if you don't get better on the pills (they'll try them all out on you if you let them) and nothing works then they will blame YOU somehow for not getting better... but still expect you to take those meds. If you don't take meds, what would you need psychiatrists for??? They would be out of business and the pharmaceuticals, too.