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This Is Why I Dont See Shrinks Anymore...

When i was 11 or 12 i was told by my doctor that i hade anxiety and depression. I saw a psychiatrist at an office next to my school. And she would instantly wanna drug me up cause of my problems. I was mad. I was put on zoloft first, i call it slowloft cause thats what i experienced, i had a low mood while taking it and sometimes would feel suicidal. They didnt know where i was coming from, i knew the whole thing was stupid, i knew there was some cure out there without medication.

Its just stupid that u go in your psychiatrists office with your disorders your doctor put on file for them, and with your psychiatrists not even knowing of what caused them, they drug u, why dont they make ways to fix the problems causing the depression instead of putting u on drugs while the problems still occur? CAUSE THEY DONT CARE ABOUT ME, THEY DONT CARE ABOUT ME AND THEY DONT CARE ABOUT U. Then she put my on prozac and ativan, awful choice to make. Those two ruined my life. They gave me Dysphagia and now its hard to eat.

Its like when u take them pills it makes it worse then the sickness. I was 14 when i was taking them...they didnt help, they didnt do nothing. I just always stayed inside, all day. Then cause of my problem with being able to eat just multiplied cause i couldve died if i didnt get help. This is exactly why i didnt wanna take anything, cause i was afraid something like this was gonna happen, and it did! They all in it for the money. I been to treatment 7 times cause of this. In 2009, i think like 3rd or 4th, awful year on prozac, i stopped it the 1st, they pushed it on me again. I thought about bringing my dads gun to school. Thats how bad it made me feel. My last time in treatment i felt good cause i wasnt on anything. it was about a year since i stopped seeing the shrink doctor. And the doctors there....Wanted me to go back on prozac, saying i was depressed. Telling me to give it more time yet it ruined my life. I was on it four times i think. I declined the offer every time it was spoken about. 

Thats why i never wanted to see the psychiatrist cause thats all they did, everytime i said i didnt wanna go and if i didnt go, them and other social workers would harass me and threaten to put me in treatment or either a mental hospital. Im fed up to the ears with these people. Advice to everyone, be your own doctor, do what u thinks best for u, get enough sleep, eat right and stay motivated. It feels alot better.
SilentMoonX SilentMoonX 70+, M 4 Responses Dec 26, 2012

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This is unbelievable for me, I'm scared bc I take Prozac & only been taking it a month & in 5 days I'll be going to see a psychiatrist. can u inbox me once u read this. Thanks. Would love to hear from u.

I never ever want to be on meds because they have too many side effects to be helpful. I think they're made that way on purpose though, so that you'll take more and more meds to counteract the side-effects of the previous drugs!

Exactly what i think, you pretty much see a dumb down world on drugs so the pharmacies can make money, thats all its about. They dont work, especially anti-depressants.. I seen those destroy peoples personality and doctors call it getting better. I been a victim to it myself. Theres only so many side effects you can get before you become disabled.


"Its like when u take them pills it makes it worse then the sickness."

"do what u thinks best for u"

Well said!

When you said you should be your own doctor, you should have included exercise.

I was gonna fit that in there but i guess i forgot.