Why Do Psychiatrists Think That If You Come To Them For Help, They Think You Want To Hurt Or Kill Someone

I had went to see a psychiatrist 4 years ago, it is the worst decision since. I was taking drugs with full side effects, I was dizzy and I gained weight. But the constant questions, of have you ever had thoughts of hurting yourself or others, or killing yourself or others. Why did I let myself go through this torture? Why didn't I grow up sooner? I just want my whole life back, you know. Everyone makes fun of me, for still living at home, I didn't know it was stupid. I promise. I would sit at home, and continously talk to myself, not normally, but I added imagination to all of this. I would say Rod, why do you keep doing this. It is like I would create an identity from myself. I was doing this all my life, without paying attention to it. I just wanted someone to protect from life. I wanted that protection. No one protected me as a kid. My dad was selfish, my mom was worthless, and my sister was immature and a liar. I just wanted that protection. I couldn't make decisions. I was so scared. I didn't stand up to my dad. I never did stood up to him. I always backed down. I let people laugh at me, at my expense. I am very angry, that I sit up here and let this happen. I always thought I was perfect. I don't know why. I just always thought I was perfect. I wanted to be different, and now it is coming back. Why didn't I learn life the hard way at 12, or 13? I would've been somebody. But my god**** mom and dad spoiled me. They just spoiled me, and they f'n sheltered me. I didn't want to leave the house. I was so afraid of standing up to my dad, I was afraid of getting kicked out. I didn't want to be on the streets. I remember my dad would put his hands on me, when I defended myself against him. Why did I sit up here, and allow myself to take the drugs, thinking I was getting better, when I'm not. Don't you think Psychiatrists should get sued for giving high side-effect drugs.

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The loss of life is apparently the greatest fear of a shrink. Think of it this way, if you kill others or yourself, they'd lose money and prestige. They'd have failed at their job they cling to so much. It is SO ******* rare to find someone who gives a **** for free that it's just safe to assume. For some reason shrinks see suicide and death as the end of the road in mental health dimensions.

If that's not bad enough, here's the kicker, you are the way your are for....whatever reason. Now you're paying a stranger to give you pills that will ruin your mind and it's ability to think straight. Whether they help or not, you're not the same way in your mind as you were when you wanted the help.

I tried this, I lost 3 months of my life to Zoloft and trying to get disability checks. I don't remember those months and got told I had a schizophrenic episode. Which over qualified me for the disability check I was trying to get (it's hard to work with people who you hate them uncontrollably). But since the shrinks didn't want to be held responsible lied in court about the whole thing and I got shafted while he got away clean.

In short, most shrinks, don't give a **** about patients. They just want money.

He's Stuck In His Little Shrink Cave!

I'm OFF My Medication! I'm OFF My Medication!

He's Stuck In His Little Shrink Cave!
(IF we were both squirrels, he would be the one to get the nut first!)
He keeps telling me he's the only psychiatrist for a 20 mile radius--he needs to get OVER it!
He says he has 4,000 patients--he is obviously a HOARDER!

Dear Nurse,

My r supply ran out--i finished taking the last of the tablets in my bottle--the pharmacy faxed psychiatrist O', but he did not respond--he's stuck in his little shrink cave--so one of the doctors filling in for Dr. H my family doc has it downstairs at Shopper's after me going off it COLD TURKEY for a day and a half.

I should stand outside my psychiatrist's office and chant, "I'm Off my m-e-d-i-c-a-t-i-o-n!
I'm off my m-e-d-i-c-a-t-i-o-n!" but there's no getting his attention when he doesn't want to give it.

I should also hold a plackard saying the same thing!

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Mis-Diagnosed By Psychiatrist O'!

At the end of the first round of (30) visits ten years ago Dr. O told me, "you have holes in your brain."

I told him, "I have an above average IQ, but that's it. If that were the case I would be so far gone I couldn't even talk with you."

In my recent 10-day hospital stint (I was there for diabetes) they did an MRI of my head and found NO abnormalities,
so Dr. O should have HIS head read!

I think that is the first step to make you go on their trail-Don't be a psychiatrist!!!!!<br />
And somehow your story is very like mine

Oh my god! your life is terminated by your parents and you. I'm very sad by reading your story. Do one thing just think your life is finished and no one could make your life more horrible, because you have obtained every kind of pain in you life...just forgive your poor parents and youself for everything...I know you can, because you are an awesome person... Now the time has come, just do anythingthat you want for fun, like go to a new place...read new kinda books, listen songs or jump in to an pool or a bay (if you know swimmimg)...learn something new that you ever wanted to...earn some money by doing part time jobs ( not much need) and leave all kinda bad drugs or **** like that...and lease alway smile... And yes you don't need a psychiatrist...you just need some awesome friends...that you share all your happiness and all your feelings...and trust me true friends never forget each other...And ya if you want i can be your friend but with one condition you have to be happy first...coz i don't want any sad friend ;) and ya let the people laught at you...try to laugh at yourself first...and enjoy your problems by laughing at them...you can mail me at isrc@in.com .I hope you are atleast smiliing now. :D