I Hate My Shrink

I hate my psychiatrist-is there anyone else out there that feel the same way?

07schoolgyrl 07schoolgyrl
46-50, F
6 Responses Mar 14, 2010

Hate it too light of a term.

Yup... all of them. Except one... so that makes 99%. Condescending and judgemental. They definitely do far more harm than good. You'd get more compassion from a prison guard.

I have seen many psychiatrist some good and some not so good. Right now I'm with one I really like.
she takes her time, she's caring, and most of all she promises not to give up on me.

I suggest you stop seeing those pathetic money slaves<br />
A waste of mental power

Yes I do, I stopped seeing mine.

Yes. Stop wasting time going to that idiot. They are what they are. Idiots.