I Rate Them All :)

I rate public toilets on how successful they are in their purpose, from 10 (a place you feel comfortable and refreshed having gone to) to 1 (a place where you would rather find a bush somewhere)

I started doing this when I entered the public restroom from hell:

The lights were flickery, the mirrors were grimy and the sinks rusting around every fitting. There was no soap, the dryers felt like a gentle breeze, as opposed to something that could dry my hands. The urinals had a few cans and a discarded shirt stopping it from draining properly. The floor was sticky and the smell was horrible.
The worst however was yet to come. Every cubical had puddles of **** on the floor, and drops on the seat. Several toilets had condoms in them, or were overflowing. Every cubical wall was smeared with **** in such a way that someone would have to have physically scooped up some diarrhoea and wiped their hands over the walls. And after making it this far there was no toilet paper in all but 1 cubical.

I made 1 attempt to approach the toilet-paper-endowed cubical, trying to not touch the walls or the puddles on the floor, before deciding that, no matter how desperate I was it just wasn't worth it.

Now every public toilet gets rated in my head, and if it doesn't get at least a 5, i make a mental note to avoid it from now on, and if it gets less than a 3, I don't bother using it.
djpanda djpanda
18-21, M
Aug 9, 2010