Im something of a germaphobe, i hate having to touch things which come into frequent contact with the public.
Ill use a knuckle to press the button at a traffic light rather than use my fingers lol
When i use the public toilet i have to lay toilet paper down all across the seat before i can sit on it and when i leave ill use my little pinkie finger to pull the door open so to minimize how much of my hand comes into contact with the handle 0_o
Maybe this story belongs in a phobia group rather than here but its mostly in public toilets were i have so much of a problem. Perhaps because ive seen just how disgusting a lot of people are and some of the things ive seen in public restrooms is horrific lol

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I have to constantly wash my hands.

Haha I can relate. My sneaker flushes public toilets. When elbows or feet can be used to open or close doors, thats what I do. Grocery carts, are wiped down or in the winter I put my sleeves over my hands

haha sometimes I'm worse than others. Lately I've been good....just washing my hands more lol

I'm the same. Unless I literally busting to go, I don't use any other toilet but my own.

Woohoo! I am not alone in this! LOL.

1) I prefer to us the tip of my key to press the button at the traffic light, elevator buttons especially.

2) Oh yes, I agree, always use toilet paper liners.

3) I use a paper towel to open the door when I exit the restroom.

4) I will not touch the magazines in waiting rooms of hospitals, clinics, doctor's offices, emergency room.

5) Public pay phones! Oh no!

6) Try not to touch the railing on stairways.

7) Especially won't touch the railing on escalators.

8) I avoid pushing or pulling on the metal bar of the glass door open at a store entrance. Let someone else do that. LOL.

9) I get REALLY grossed out when I see someone spit on the ground.

10) I hold my breath when I pass car exhaust fumes.

11) I have to wash my hands as soon as I get home, especially from a hospital.

12) I an always sure to examine the utensils at the table when dinning out. Oh, and that includes my cup or drinking glass before I take my first sip.

13) I rinse the clean plate or cup before using it. That includes any thing I use to cook with.

14) If someone coughs or sneezes near me I hold my breath and walk away if I can.

Gosh! I am probably not done with my list yet. I need to join an EP phobia group! :-(

You and i must be twins!..i do all of these and more!! lol...and get this, i recently was watching an episode of Dr. Oz..and he was talking about menus in restaurants...and there's a little life saving poem for you...."Hold them high, so you won't die"!!! AHA!