I've Always Hated Them

I remember once when I was really little, maybe 3, I was on a family vacation and had to go, so my mom took me to some really sketchy bathroom. From what I can remember, it was just a small building on the side of the road. It was a REALLY tall toilet, and had blue water. I had to go, but I would have rather died than use that one. I thought it looked scary, and I thought the only reason the water was that color was because there was a monster living in it. I didn't go. As we were leaving, the toilet started to overflow, and I thought that was because the monster was coming to kill me. I panicked. I mean, to me, it looked like a blue volcano. It wasn't really THAT bad, but again, I was little. I haven't trusted bathrooms since.
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1 Response Mar 29, 2012

It might be an idea to trust public toilets..rationalise it....what could have really happened!<br />
you will feel so much better if you can happily "go" in a public toilet.