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Posted This In A Different Group, But I think it belongs here.

War, broken relationships, Barney, disease, Captain Kangaroo and Mr.Rogers' child molestation rap sheets, taco bell mystery beef product, Carrot Top's eyebrows, celebrity worship, famine, the canceling of great shows, my unattractive toes, politicians, insecurity, my lack of a private tropical island, your low blinker fluid levels, actors that try to be singers [the reverse is ok], selfishness, fish-ness, interrupted naps, naps that are too long that make me double tired, commercials, the infinitely aggravating super-peppy person in the commercial, suggestive selling, low quality high priced products, the neighbor who's still in that network thingy along with his artificial jubilance, that thing that tweaks your jaw muscles when you bite into sour things, the fact that we don't have a separate highway system for those who drive 31 in a 55, don't be that person... The fact that celery is healthier than lasagna, not one- but multiple dreams that I've won the lottery #*¥{!@ sh*t!, Insects that sting but don't make honey..or mastacioli, pervy junior-high janitors, flat tire when you're already running behind, somebody else's Lamborghini, pothole when you're trying to put lipstick on [shut it], burning to death, drowning to death, pulling a perfect Greg Louganis of the 78th floor balcony and not being around for your due applause.... ALL of these are arguably the worst parts of our world... . . So why is it that the only thing that truly makes me shiver is the moment I step into a public restroom ? . Hazmat suit, please. :/
gotsalsa gotsalsa 41-45, M 1 Response Apr 22, 2012

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I have read this before...came back again....enjoyed it just as much the second time....hahaha you make me laugh....