Ever Had To Clean One?

I worked at a state park for a while.
Part of my daily job was to clean the toilets.

The grossest time was after three gay guys went in.
Now dont get me wrong I dont mean any disrespect for the gay community,
but that was the grossest thing I had, and have ever seen.
and I see alot of gross things, Im a farmer. My step father was in the air force, so ive been in multiple countries.
I never want to clean a restroom after a gay couple uses it...
public restroom....where CHILDREN are.
some people are so disrespectful...
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In the very early 60's I was an evening clerk after school each day. The place was a very old fashioned variety store or often called a "Dime Store." Almost everything was less than $10. We had glass, bulk candy display bins at the front check out. There was only one "restroom" for every one, employees, customers, and just visitors. One day a large family came in and spread out over the store. When they left, the manager stopped me from sweeping the side walk, and said the lavatory needed servicing. I was good at fixing simple problems like that. But all the clerks were hiding, and waiting to see my reaction to the devastation the family had created as each took their turn in the little closet. It looked insurmountably hopeless. But I quietly backed out, heard the laughs and proclamations, "It's all yours kid!" Well little did some of them know, but I had started out in life shoveling cow's manure from and around our old milking barn all thru the 50's. But this stuff was not that! Pig manure would have been easier even. I told the boss, he was going to need a new little red wagon, because this one's fixing to get a work out. Those crazies had the pot mounded out past the rim of the hinged seat. I scooped it into the wagon, got a little water back into the bowl and worked it with the plunger, just for good measure. I figured they probably had stuffed the waste shoot as a preliminary prank. I got that going and started scooping and flushing the overburden back in a little at a time. I worked a little late that day, and called my dad to come get me in the pickup. We happily claimed the remaining life of that well made little red wagon.

haha than we came from similiar startings! On a serious note, it almost feels wrong that I can sympathize with you...okay still a bit unserious, but still you get the gist of what im saying right?heheh.
But like I said my worst encounter was when a group of large...fat...hairy...gay guys went into a public restroom...did their thing left a huge hairy mess, showers toilets...devistation...no offense to the gay community...but I am scarred for life now, lol...no seriously, I can joke about it now, but its an unforgettable memory, its not like the plethora of corpses ive seen in my life, dead things are dead simple as that, seeing someone or something die- torn in half, holes through body, horrible bleeding? it happens....but that crap was gross...

I had a job cleaning offices for a real estate company and I was asstounded by some of the sights I would see in the restrooms...I mean for real how hard is it to get waste into either the toliet or trashcan? I'm sure most had the attitude of owell fck the cleaning person but seriously c'mon now...

no kidding...Im not sure how anyone misses the toilet...its like they stand up to take a dump.
personally I think womans restrooms are worse than mens, but multi-gender restrooms are worse than any.
and if they have a shower inside, they just about double in nastiness hahaha