Public Toilets And Coworkers

This is a situation I fear a lot.
Anyone in the same situation.

I am in a leading position and I do not want someone sees my small penis.
You can loos erespect then.

It once occur.
There was that Turkish guy that was an assistant in the summer.
As he saw my small peepee he lost every respect to me.
I could not give him orders anymore.

More than that.
He felt much superior after that.

Anyone wih similiar stories?
lagavulin lagavulin
31-35, M
1 Response Dec 3, 2012

Yes unfortunately, many times. Coworkers and subordinates and even younger boys I was teaching swimming lessons to.

The worst maybe was when I was at a university to interview job candidates to join my company. I went to the urinal, took out my small penis which hardly can come outside my pants unless totally erect. I was holding with two fingers and then a tall young man maybe 21 years old comes to urinal next to me. He was very tall and his **** was so close and even soft it was maybe 6" long and 6" around with a huge head. I couldn't stop staring and I even got an erection so he saw my tiny 4" skinny little erection. Then when he finished he pulled his underwear down more to adjust his large testicles and squeeze everything back into his undies. Finally I looked up at him and he smiled and laughed and pointed at my tiny ****.

Then I went back to my interview suite and he was my next job candidate. I couldn't even hardly talk.