What Is Wrong With People?

Okay... I've heard the horror stories of the men public toilets. How dirty, grimy, and smelly they are. I never went into one, so I may never know if the story is true. Though, I admit... I almost did, as a teen, because I was so curious to find out... but at the last moment, I chickened out! =p

And most the women's public bathrooms are clean and everything is normal there. The seats and outside of the bowl looks sparkly. But then I lift the lid and someone didn't flush! EWWW! It's happen to me more times than I care to remember! We are women! Why are some ladies not flushing the toilet and lowering the lid?! :-/

This is why I refuse to use public toilets, unless it's a dire emergency! Other than that, I'll wait until I get home. ;-)

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Mar 1, 2009