Effin Gross!

Lol Public toilets. Wow. If there is honestly one thing i hate the most its pubic toilets. There is nothing worse the sitting down on a mummified toilet seat trying to act natural and go.

I swear that i have NEVER been into a clean public restroom. I actually traveled 5 hours from where i live to go to a huge city with some friends. I went to Columbia, Mo. That's a pretty big town, its 25 minuets away from Jefferson City, the state capitol.

i decided i was brave so we stopped at this one gas station and it was amazing to say the least. It was one of those we have everything gas stations so i went in. the inside was better then the rest so i went to the bathroom. i get in there and it was horrible. It looked like someone squatted beside the toilet and pissed in the floor and it also looked like someone decided to buy some scissors and trim their pubes with one leg hiked up on the toilet. It was so disgusting.

But i had to no like no other. there was no waiting for this pee. i had held it in for almost 2 hours. i couldn't even wait to get down the road. so i covered the toilet in a whole roll of toilet paper then i very carefully moved around the **** spots on the floor and half squatted half stood on the back part of the toilet holding on to the metal flusher so i wouldn't have to sit too much of my *** down on it.

it was the nastiest thing Ive ever seen or done in my entire life lol i almost debated ******* in the sink until i seen that there was soap water and pubes all over it as well.

Public toilets. BLEH!

simplyXcinderella simplyXcinderella
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1 Response Mar 4, 2009

I have to sit properly to pee or it just won't all come out which is interesting to say the least