They Scare Me.

Ever since I was very young I've had a, what some call irrational, fear of public toilets--especially automatic ones and toilets with black seats.  Something about them freaks me out.  I don't mind the nicer of public restrooms (providing there's no automatic toilet), or the familiar ones.  However, the unknown and the dark and dingy ones really scare me.  Whenever an automatic toilet goes off, I have to cover my ears and I start shaking--it's just so damn scary to me.  And I really prefer to not use the black toilet seats, but if I have to, I will. 

I remember once I was shoping in I think it was Odd Job, or something similar, and I really had to use the bathroom.  I asked a sales lady for the key and went in.  It was this big room with two stalls, flickering lights and dripping toilets.  There were also stacks of boxes and a closet door next to the stalls.  The stall that I went into had barely any lighting.  Let me just say that was the scariest bathroom experience I've ever had. 

And I always seem to have nightmares, or just dreams, involving public toilets in one way or another.  They range from really scary (rusted toilets all around and a really dark room with no stalls), to really odd, to just normal.

I really, really hate public toilets, but obviously I have to use them.  However, I'd really prefer not to.  I like my toilet at home, thank you very much.  :D

Jaggie Jaggie
1 Response Sep 2, 2007

If I'm not mistaken, in certain countries like Hong Kong, I think they have inspectors to check on the toilets as well as hygiene in all restaurants, complexes, etc.