Very Disgusting.

Public toilets are very disgusting because you never know who has peed on it, who has some disease that they didn't know about and it's all over the seat. Personally, people are not that clean, especially when it's not their bathroom. They would assume other people take care of cleaning the public bathrooms and I don't think they do this often enough!
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You certainly say that public toilets are a mess. I know. I once was a janitor. Anything on the floor or on the toilet seat is easily managed if you use the proper precautions. I have heard that you cannot get a disease by the sole exposure to a toilet seat. What the real pain is when the toilet is clogged up by who knows what. Some people have attempted to flush their soiled clothing down the toilet, sometimes soiled by bodily waste, but not always. Some people have been sprayed by skunks, and then proceed to leave their soiled clothing in a public rest room. Some of these geniuses try to make their clothing "disappear" by attempting to flush it down the toilet. These people obviously plan their "skunk" activities". They bring a change of clothes. Their stinky clothes , though end up getting flushed down a public toilet. An This is the real ultimatepain, the toilet gets clogged by some clown who could not leave a skunk alone.

I do like that idea. However, I am speaking for all women that most of us don't want to put something that we just peed on, in our purse. The other thing is that, well, in Vancouver, I haven't even heard of a place that sells these portable devices. Though, if you know of any, let me know!

Besides wasting a lot of paper, it risks plugging up the toilet for the people following you. <br />
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There are a number of companies that make portable little devices women can use to avoid contact with dirty seats, yet very few women will even consider them, but choose to gripe about the terrible conditions they have to use. many women choose to hover instead of making contact with a dirty seat, but why won't they lift the seat so they will not be a part of the problem?

I would much rather be in my own bathroom but if I can't, then I do the whole toilet paper on the seat. I hate doing cause it does waist a lot of paper.

Totally agree, some people don't even wash there hands after - I only go when I really really really have to!!