LITTLE Forgotten Friends Rescue Is a Puppymill

I adopted a dog from this lady that said she was running a rescue called little forgotten friends. I found out later that the lady just buys puppies from puppymills and selld them on petfinder to make herself somemoney which is just wrong. half of the puppies in the rescue are sick, have something wrong with them and they will neva tell you. they charge really big adoption fees of $650 or more and will mever give youa refund eben if the dog dies. LITTLE FORGOTTEN FRIENDS RESCUE IS NOT A RESUCE, THEY ARE A PUPPYMILL STAY AWAY!

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that's horseshit. my dog oliver was rescued by maria from a puppymill. maria doesn't buy the dogs from the mills to make money. she pulls them from the mills and puts them up for adoption. are you retarded? if she were looking to make a profit she wouldn't primarily look after older and special needs dogs - she'd only take in puppies. you're an awful person for peddling some bs. you're hateful words turn people off from rescuing dogs and giving them good homes. do your homework before you spew sh*t on the internet. hateful propaganda.


Anyone who can't see how AMAZING of a person Maria is is blind! Maria will, and does anything for dogs! Anyone that can't see that is pathetic. What is also pathetic is you, spending your time writing lies about Maria! What the frick is this Puppy Mill crap? That's just messed up writing lies, because you obviously don't have a brain! Or a heart! Most people in this world don't have HALF the heart that Maria has! The HUGE heart Maria has is all for the dogs she cares for and not for money! You’re obviously complaining about the money because you can't get off your own damn *** and make some money! Each dog costs different amounts of money. Another lie your writing is that she doesn't tell you that dogs are sick when you adopt them! That is a load of crap! She tells you everything about the dog your about to adopt and makes sure your ready for it and you are comfortable about taking care of the dog. What, did you think you were going to get the dog for $5? GIVE ME A FRICKIN BREAK. Maria barely charges for the dogs, and what she charges is to pay for other sick dogs! If you didn't know any of the stuff any of these SMART people told you about how GREAT of a person Maria is, then you obviously didn't do any research. Stop making assumptions that you have no back up for because it's wasting MY time and most of all it's wasting YOUR time! Maria's volunteers and supporters have better things to do then try to teach something you should have already learned! Maria is a good person! She gives everything she can to the dogs she cares for, and for the dogs in the future! So do us all a favor and shut the bloody hell up. I LOVE MARIA. <3

You folks just don't get it. I seek special needs pets, which is exactly what I found. The most special courageous inspiring little guy my family adores to no end. When I found him on petfinder @ LFF's, he had 1 eye. When I made application he had another full check up prior to pickup and the vet realized his glaucoma had spread to the other eye and it had to come out. LFF's advised me that they understood if we did not want him anymore and he could live his life out at LFF's. Family discussed and we decided that we still wanted him. What I learned is LFF's had a hotline set up at many shelter's and Humane Societies - to be called if a small dog was going to be put down, no matter what the diagnosis was. They had several hospice patients when I was there, all getting a tons of love from the staff. There were many, many. One in particular, Oreo was rescued by LFF's. He was going to be euthanized. His teeth had rotten so badly with his former neglectful owners that his jaw had to come off. This little guy (3 lbs) was running all over the house giving kisses, as happy as a lark. I later saw on the site he was adopted by a very sweet looking lady. LFF's explained that they take all, especially the abused, sick and discarded - to give them a chance at joy, even if it is 2 days. This was their priority. If you take the time to read all the heartfelt stories and happy adoption endings from dozens upon dozens of grateful and loyal pup parents - that no one could ever fabricate - you would see the light.

A few years later my 16 year old dog (found by me on streets of Hartford) was having seizures, I turned to Maria, she spent hours emailing and telephone time trying to help my help my senior. What evil person does that. You guys a CRACKERS, just to scratch your surface. Perhaps there were healthy beautiful dogs that people adopted for a normal fee - but I got our no-eyed dog from them for $200.00 and he had cost them a couple thousand with 2 eye removals. I GAVE HER TWICE THAT AMOUNT, so I could try to help her help others. You just don't fricken get it, you are clearly looking out for yourself and your wallet. You probably got your future pets form a pet store, ingrate.

I know these are old posts, but we always take a peek to see how the Mother Teresa of little lost souls is doing because my family admires her courage and dedication - so when years later I see this crap that you ingrates posted it makes my whole family thoroughly disgusted.

Life would not be the same if we were not blessed with our little no-eyed dog from LFF's - we are better people because of him and Maria and thank her out loud constantly. He was found on streets of Harlem, and the NY Humane Society (I have the records) was going to put him down - and LFF's saved him. If I had my life to live over (or had her courage) I would be blessed to be half the animal rescuer she was. She gave up a normal life for these pups, her house was theirs, from top to bottom of her heart and soul. Shame on you. She place at least 487 little forgotten friends. What kind gestures have you done in your life that have helped improve the life of a living soul. How many dogs have you found in a garbage bag, paid to get them healthy, loved for a year or two and found a new home, and said goodbye. How many hospice babies have you stayed up all night with, nursing them, patting them, talking to them - only to have them die in your arms time and time again - feeling love and compassion for the first time in their little abused forlorn lives. Yeah, I didn't think so.

wow whoever did this is not a nice perons. I adopted a dog who has 3 legs and 1 eye, best dog ever. maria helped her and rescued her and if it wasnt for maria she would have never lived to see the sun.

little forgotten friends is an amzing place. I adopted a 3 legged one eyed dog, and if maria hadnt have rescued her she would have been put down. Hope the dog is super healthy. When we first met her she ran over to us and was very clean, she sat down and sat in my lap, maria does a wonderful job at training and treating her animal with respect. Yes some of the dogs are sick, but that is only because she rescues them sick and does everu=yhting in her power to help keep them safe, some of them are sick because its a rescue place, derrrr, where people rescue dogs that have been sick then found by maria. whover wrote that comment the first one, needs to get their facts straight and understand that maria is an amazing person that does everything she can to help dogs. hope is an amazing dog, yes she has 3 leags and one eye but maria taught her how to love life so u need to get ur facts straight ppl

I believe she is in cahoots with another so-called rescue and that they both buy puppy mill puppies from Kathy Bauck. I also have reason to believe that Maria is using TWO other names to hide behind. I am turning this info over to the proper authorities. More and more puppy brokers are posing as "rescues" and my God, look at Maria's adoption fees - they are outrageous, juts as high as pet shop prices. All those supportive comments were obviously written by her or her "volunteers."

Please send your complaint to:

Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS)

or the NYS Attorney General

Posting on this site will not inform the public!

Please send your complaint to:

Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS)

or the NYS Attorney General

Posting on this site will not inform the public!

As little forgotten friends frequent volunteer groomer i have firsthand knowledge that these dogs and rescue are in emmaculate condition at all times! I volunteer a minimum of 10 hours a week over 2 days inside the rescue grooming. I show up whenever i happen to (its not like the place gets cleaned due to me coming because noone knows im coming) and whenever i happen to go it is always a clean healthy excellent enviornment for these rescue dogs. I have watched maria run up and down to all levels of her rescue night and day caring for these animals. She never does anything for herself, all of her energy goes into taking care of these dogs. she does not even profit a penny from this rescue, it all exists due to the kindness of her heart and her love of dogs. I have seen her vet bills and rescue improvement bills and such and they are through the roof. No one is being ripped off by going to little forgotten friends, they are only hurting the rescue dogs by going to a puppy store after reading this load of crap rather than donating their adoption fee to little forgotten friends.

We just adopted a very healthy and beautiful pup last Sunday and our experience was absolutely positive. I spoke with another potential adoptee and watched Maria convince her not to take a puppy based on her young son's infatuation. So Maria is not in it for the money, She is trying to find good matches for both the families and the dogs. Our pup is healthy and social, maybe a little needy, just as Maria told me he was. Thanks for the family addition

Obviously lglawgal does not know anything about little forgotten friends rescue, i have volunteered there for months and was blown away by the care given to all the animals. Maria has a heart made of solid gold and will sacrifice everything to make sure these animals have better lives.

In response to the recent slander about Little Forgotten Friends rescue....for all of you who said the conditions here are disgusting and the animals were abused and unkept.....You are about to be made to look like the liars that you TRULY of today July 26th 2009, the Sheriffs dept of Orange County has visited us, animal control came to our rescue and we welcomed them in. Feel free to contact the animal control officer if you would like the TRUTH to the animals living eniviornement....Police officer Gina Sangricoli 845-291-4033/ e-mail addy : Gsangricoli@co.organge.NY.US

I am outraged on the comments I read about Maria. I met Maria when I adopted a puppy from her. I had tried numerous rescues and most of them never responded but Maria did right away. She was wonderful to work with and gave me wonderful advise on his care. I had just lost a 14 yr. old dog to cancer. She advised me I could call her at any time and since that time you have no idea how she has come thru for me. I can call her any time of night and she will respond to my call and offer to help. I saw the wonderful work she was doing with the older dogs who have been thrown out on the streets of NYC. These dogs have missing limbs, missing an eye, tumors, and have been abused neglected and abandoned by their owners. I decided I wanted to help her as she was doing all of this work on her own. I have been a volunteer for almost two years now and have been in her very clean home where all the dogs have been allowed to run free. This place is spotless. I have been there when the staff from Animal Care and Control have brought in poor dogs who were so thin and scared. One dog had such matted fur and a terrible skin condition that you couldn't even tell what breed of dog it was. If her home is so filthy and full of dying dogs do you think ACand Control would be leaving these dogs there? She took in a dog that they found in the Bronx with a broken pelvis. ACand Control told her he was going to need surgery to correct this injury. She did not hesitate to take that dog in and arrange the surgery which cost her $4,000.00. Who does this and someone like you tries to to tarnish their good works. There were no guarantees the surgery would work but she wanted to give this dog a fighting chance. I have since adopted this dog and he is the sweetest little boy. If she didn't take the chance Lord knows what would have happened to him. Please stop your lies and do some good for someone. You couldn't hold a candle to Maria and should be asking God for forgiveness!

I adopted an eleven year old dog from Little Forgotten Friends Rescue who had been tossed out by her owner because she became ill and needed to be on daily medicine. This 5 pound dog was simply thrown away, to the Bronx animal shelter. Fortunately for me, Maria rescued her and brought her home to give her a second chance. I have now had this loving, sweet dog for a year and a half, and I cannot thank Maria enough.Sure, my dog does needs medicine everyday and the vet bills are tough, but the love and companionship from this tiny sweetheart are worth everything to me.Anyone who is accusing Maria and Little Forgotten Friends Rescue of doing anything but great, life saving work is wrong. I would guess that the person accusing Maria has probably never had the pleasure of adopting a special needs dog, and should certainly check her facts before accusing anyone of wrong doing. I hope that none of Marias rescue dogs went to her home.

I would like to begin by telling the person who originally posted this complaint to learn how to spell. More importantly, to all who think Maria's rescue/hospice is not a healthful environment. How could you be so dense. Do you not realize that she raises these animals to so that they can actually live a healthy life! You trust your vet so much and they pump you animal with annual vaccines for their own personal gain. Most of the stuff your vet tells you only kills your animal slowly, unless you use a holistic vet. I know for a fact that Maria's rescue is one of the best. This woman, or should I say Saint, spends every minute of her day caring for these animals. She pulls all nighters with parvo puppies to make sure they get adequate fluids and live throughout the night. She gets these puppies from puppy mills and gives thorough interviews to the people who adopt her puppies to make sure they aren't going to a bad home. If she doesn't think you do a good job, she will risk losing the money just so that dog does not go to a bad home. She follows the ways of Dr. Goldstein, who is a very well known vet and very well respected for his good works. I for my dog Benny from Maria and he is perfectly healthy. Whenever he runs into a health issue I follow up with my vet (where I work) and Maria. She is always more than willing to help. People would be stupid not to adopt from Maria's rescue. Maybe their dogs got sick when they were adopted because their new owners didn't do something right.

This person is uneducated and obviously disgruntled.

I've worked with Little Forgotten Friends for years..never a problem! Those who matter know this is NOT a puppy mill.

Keep up the good work, Maria!

And by the way, to the complainer...stop posting to all the different sites, you're looking very foolish! How juvenile!

for LGlaw gal/ if you are truly in the "law" profession, you should try brushing up on your grammar and spelling, it is amazing how anybody with an education can immediately understand how stupid and uneducated you are! You are writing horrible things about a reputable rescue because you are very young and ignorant. I will be helping Maria seek representation for all your slander. Although names are anonymous on this, they can be retrieved by a lawyer which you are soon to find out. I can only hope that you delete your lies or you will be spending most of your summer in a court room. I can also tell you that Maria after many years of rescue has QUITE a following, much stronger and credible people then you who are volunteering to be in the court room in her defense...Be smart young lady and GO AWAY!!!

Take what you read with a grain of salt. The internet allows anyone to express themselves both in a civilized or uncivilized manner. Little Forgotten Friends is an immaculate, professional rescue run by intelligent caring human beings. These individuals who are writing these scathing reports should be brushing up on their spelling, grammar, sentence structure and people skills and not attacking a wonderful woman who deserves nothing less than praise and appreciation.

This place is not a mill but a place where abused animals are taken care of with love.

I have adopted 3 dogs from Maria and have been to her rescue many times and I have never seen a person who cares for her dogs more. First of all, all my adopted dogs were spayed and neutered and I have all the paper work on each with the name of the I really don't know why you would be making such ridiculous false statements. Second of all Little Forgotten Friends is SPOTLESS...I can not believe how clean it is kept and at no time have I ever saw it otherwise....and finally I have never met a person who cares as much as Maria does about each and every dog that has come to that rescue....she has taken poor abused sick dogs, that disgusting heartless people just threw out on the street and nurtured them back to to say that she is heartless is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard and YOU should be ashamed of yourself for trying to give a rescue that saves these poor dogs a new chance at life a bad think you are hurting Maria by leaving these disgusting messages about LFFR but in reality you are hurting poor defenseless pups that need this rescue to live and that makes you HEARTLESS and DISGUSTING. If anyone questions this rescue just look at LFFR's website and you will see for yourselves that this is a rescue that the dogs are not only treated amazingly they are ALL loved and cared for by Maria. She is a great person with a huge heart that just wants the best for each and every dog that comes to her rescue.

Little forgotten friends is a god send to unwanted animals. She feeds a holistic diet and has dedicated her life to these animals. We adopted Odie and he was healthy and the adoption fee was under $200.00 I am so sorry there is an angry person who is taking things out on a lady with a heart of gold. May God protect Maria and the animals from abusive angry people like YOU

I would like to come to the aid of Little Forgetten Friends rescue of NY. I am on my THIRD adoption with Maria. I can tell you this, Maria runs a wonderful rescue. The animals I've always seen there are happy. The house and grounds are clean. There are not "smells" on the grounds. The play area for the dogs is clean. You can sit anywhere on the grass without seeing a "mess"... The dogs are all clean and happy. I saw nothing but smiling faces when I was there last. Friends of people adopting actually were asking to put dogs on "hold" because they wanted to adopt... If the place was dirty would you witness that? Don't think so... Maria has a big heart and cares about all the dogs in her rescue, I can tell you that...

Maria will also take calls from you "forever" if you have a question, anytime day or night... How many breeder or pet shops can you say will do that???

Maria gives her life and soul to save animals on a daily basis. She is tireless. I would like to see a handful of us stay up morning, noon and night to take care of sick and injured animals. NOT even close folks... While we are all fast asleep in our beds, Maria is up taking care of sick, recovering dogs...

The cost for the dogs? Go try to "buy" a "healthy" dog at a pet shop or breeder and see what you will pay... You have to know that you are paying for medical attention, spaying, and care that you dog received BEFORE you drive away with your new adoptee your lap in the car home... How can a rescue continue to operate if there are no funds to do so? I've always left with my new adoptees medical information which I could give to my vet and my new adoptee has always been spayed and/or neutered. I consider that not a bad price.

Take a look at her website, and see some of the animals that people have abused and neglected that instead of being put to sleep, Maria tries to save them and give them a good life.

The bottom line is this. Maria adopts to families she believes will give a kind and loving home to a dog in need. If you don't like your dog and it doesn't work out. She will gladly take the dog back. If you have issues and cant take care or "change your mind". Maria would gladly find a more suitable home. She's 100% honest. There's no "tricking" anybody. You know what you get. You save a life. Sometimes these poor dogs are not perfect, but that's ok. If you are a real animal lover, you're like Maria, and you love your new dog, small, cute, ugly, whatever it may be... They all have souls and need love... and thank god we have Maria to do that for us while they wait for their "forever homes"...

I have and would highly recommend Little Forgotten Friends Rescue of Middletown, NY. I will look nowhere else to adopt and have recommended my friends and family in confidence to adopt from LFFR.

you are such a liar!!! I volunteer for Maria, she doesnt adopt to people under 23....if you had a problem why didnt you e-mail her, I watch her day after day return e-mails from many people that have questions, I find it hard to believe that she would not have contacted people are just horrible, lashing out the way you do, your only hurting the animals by taking up her time with such nonsense...we go there to volunteer and after a long day we all go home...Maria However is still going long after we have all given dare you say such horrible things...nothing but LIES!!!

I agree, this woman is a scam. I got a pet from her an he would have died if I didn't take him. He was $650!!!!!!! Maria Larocca is responsible for the abuse of many animals and should be thrown in jail and have the key tossed. I can't believe how someone can be sooooo heartless to do something to animals and scam innocent people.

that is just wrong i just go to my local shelter look and if i find one i want i pay 85 dollars for it