Whats The Reason?

Im black. You know what I dont understand? why white people gotta be so racial towards us. Becuause yes, you best believe that it stills goes on. Ive experience it soo many times. Yes I know that some blacks act ghetto with no common sense. And yes some are cruel and crazy but still, it gets to the point where im like really? We get watched in stores, innocent lives taken. Thats why I dont get along with these little white girls these days because they will have you isolated. Its all around you and you probably dont even realize. Why we had to be slaves long ago?, I don't know but its whatever. It just hurts my feelings ya know? But then again its not just my race its many others as well. But I hate being around people that feel like they're better than me. Its not nice.  But I do smile when I see black and white couples!, so that's a relief:). Thanks for reading, comment and rate.
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I agree with what you have said, sadly it does happen and where I come from the country was seperated into different areas for whites and non whites, the other races, Asians and coloreds ( they a seperate group here) couldn't even live together... Google Apartheid South Africa