My Views On Racism

racism is a symptom of stupidity...dont judge a book by its cover, take a look at whats within, and dont judge a man by the colour of his skin!

it is a form of bullying, in the same way a child with red hair gets bullied in the playground. i suppose its the human ego wanting to be better than everyone else, the superiority complex. and us humans tend to exist in flocks, acting like sheep, following one and other, copying, not being ourselves. so i think we believe our flock excells above the rest and we look down on all who are not in the same field. if we could only harness our potential intelligence...we would see we are the same. judge a man by his heart and nothing else!

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You know what is worse? Some mother fo politicians in your country of birth F*** everything up for their own good, you escape but all people with that nationality are under international sanction! You go to a bank to open a bank account and the manager kicks you out!!!! you go to a job interview the response is youre amazing and your cv is better than anyone else but you know there is a problem we can't hire you if we do we will get fined and we have to fire you right away. Now I ask with tears in my eyes, WHY? and they say your from a country under sanction, guess hows my life now

<p>Agree nice indeed! had many bad experiences with hate! From family and Real.World.@ here sadly~</P>

Right said.

Wise words freedomchaser! :)

"Don't judge a book by its cover." "Treat others as you wish to be treated."<br />
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I agree with you.