Lifelong Racism

As a Maori (native or indigenous person of New Zealand), i have experienced racism (direct or indirect) all throughout my life so far. Some incidents have been the result of being marginalised by the bigger population, apparently Abel Tasman discovered New Zealand in 1642 despite our own occupation for hundreds of years earlier.

A recent and funnier example occured when me and my ex girlfriend (white new zealander) visited the local diary for  a newspaper and dirnks. As i handed over the $50.00 note the shopkeeper took it and held it up to the light to check its validity. GF was astounded, me - just water off a ducks back. Countless times of seeing ladies (young and old) grip their handbags tight, cross to the other side of the street, or avoid eye contact etc when seeing me.

Rather than get into the varying degrees of racism and i do not want to promote a game of who gets hurt the most. I think its important to identify the base of peoples racism and perhaps offer some way forward to reducing racism and discrimination.

I suspect fear has a lot to do with it.....this is magnified when one group does not interact with the other
lack of intelligence...inaccurate assuptions and prejucdices including media or non academic sources (such as this site lol)
lack of resources...overcrowding, suburbs, human congestion, humans need space like birds need many trees...

and last but not least!

an increase of inquities...treating everyone the same...oops...yes i said it... i know a lot of you subscribe to the "treat everyone the same" well guess what...this is flawed!!!As a father of 3, 14 year old girl, 12 year old boy, 10 year old girl...what would happen if i treated them all  the same...they would all be disadvantaged in some way!!!! Boys respond differently to girls in so many ways, pre teens different to teens, children to adults and the list goes the extreme, when someone who has been abused to hell and this is all they know...should they be given the simple command "treat someone else the same way that you want to be treated"!
Anyway the point cant be stressed enough, through positive interaction, accumulation of knowlege, and wise choices we can slowly reduce racism and discrimination. In a nut shell, its a matter of - connecting with people, educating oneself, and standing up against racism.

Hating racists doesnt do it.
New Zealand is country where natives and white settlers jumped into bed with each other and intermarried. The greatest demonstration of all of the above.
Dont hate the racists, marry their sons or daughters lol
peace people
no harm intended
kind regards

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1 Response Jul 21, 2010

Good story. But I don't know how you deal with people treating you like that. I know racist comments (not even aimed at me!) have this demoralising effect that I can't bounce back from. And thank you for understanding the flaws in equal treatment! I understand why people think affirmative action and that **** is unfair, I do. But I want an equal outcome more than I want equal treatment. We do not all start on equal platforms, so equal treatment does nothing more than perpetuate inequalities. <br />
<br />
I do always get the feeling that NZ came out of colonialism better than most. Better than Aus, for sure. "Dont hate the racists, marry their sons or daughters." Hehe. I like.