All Different, All Equal

I love this quote. We ARE different, and we cannot change that. I'm white, you may be back, you can be Asian, American, African, European. 
You can be Slovenian, British, doesn't matter. Has anyone decided where he want to be born? What colour of the skin s/he wants? Nope.
I like people of all races, all nationalities. I'm proud to say that what matters to me is not colour of your skin. Or your religion, as long as you don't force me to accept it. No. 
What matters to me are your minds. Your characheter. Met many horrible slovenians, good croatians (for example, cuz we "don't like" each other). I can't really say I met a lot of Muslims but hey, you got right to your religion.
But anyway, i think something else. If we wanted be equal we have to really be equal. Like white man should be treated same way like black. 
Yeah, i use term "black". Why do I use it? Since i also use term "white". With it i mean nothing bad, it's just a term to say what someone's skin is.
I have deaf friends. They are mine inspiration. Their life is not easy, full of struggle. they get things they don't need and not get things they'd need. It's like that here. 
I think the world won't change so fast. But stone by stone and the palace is built. 
I think that different people, diffferent from you, can teach you much. Deaf people makes you appreciate sounds you hear. Mom that's screaming, church bell that you don't like, birds in the morning. They teach you different things. Each person you meet has a story. We're all good, but someone has to act bad, because of the environment.
Environment doesn't support different people. Not really and not yet. But there are people, who fight that. 
I hope our generation can help them. Maybe our generation is already a bit better, we do not carry wars of past with us. I was born when Slovenia was independent for 2 years and haven't seen war. I hope I never will.
We can help. We have to accept others, doesn't matter what their look like, what is their religion...
I think we can help also just with that that we accept others and that, once we have childrens, we teach them that even if their classmate is black, asian or whatever. And then our kids will tell that to our grandchildren and so, we might make a better world.
And, once again, no nationallity is important, no religion, no colour of the skin.
To finish this "story" i have a quote.  
"We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin, but we all belong to one human race.” by Kofi Annan
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I not only agree but I also draw inspiration from you. You are so young and have such a good outlook and perspective on what it takes for people to get along. Yes we are all different but rather than let our differences push us apart we should look to see how we might use our collective strengths to work together. With young people like you there is hope for a better tomorrow. Thank you Katya24.

its easy to say that when u haven't had racism happen to u i believe the same thing but life isnt rose tinted u can say what ever u want but actions speak louder than words and i dont like being called black i would prefer brown seeing as there are black mexicans and indians etc and white asians and hispanices arabic middleastern ppl and so on any one can preach something they haven't felt and if you have it would be prejudice for u ....................................................

I completely agree with everything you say.

Katya, this is a lovely post. I wish more people thought like you :)

I agree with you. Thank you for sharing. Many of our thoughts are exactly the same.

wow ur mind is beautiful, i really appreciate your thinking ....<br />
cheers mate great ur post