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The world has become such an angry, hateful place in my opinion.  It seems the human race is searching for every resource and personal "defects" possible to despise and disrespect one another.  People can be so judgmental and cruel and all I can do is stand back in awe at the lengths someone is willing to go to just to find cause to discriminate against or hate someone. 

The race wars seem ludicrous to me.  It should not matter what color you are or where you are from geographically....we are all individuals striving to make the most of a life that can sometimes be cruel and complicated.  I don't see different nationalities as being subpar or evil....I see them as an infinite well of knowledge.  There are so many things we can learn from one another by letting go of the labels and just looking at people for what they possess inside as opposed to the appearance on the outside.  We have spent so much time putting up racial barriers between one another that it has become virtually impossible to relate to one another on a human level.

Sexuality is another hot button for me.  Why should it matter who you love?  Why should it matter who you love?  A gay partnership, to me, is nothing more than two people who love eachother that just so happen to be the same sex.  Who cares?  I am not following in the bedroom to observe their intimate interactions.  Neither are most of the people that condemn them.  There are so many lonely people out there just yearning for someone to care about them....if that person happens to have similar sex organs....why should that matter?

We put so much emphasis on appearance.  "Fat people are disgusting".  "People who dress different than everyone else are freaks".  Why is it okay for a person to randomly  consider themselves the judge and jury and look negatively upon people?  I have known some very "beautiful" people according to societies general standards and while they looked attractive on the outside...they possessed the darkest of souls.  Perhaps it was a superiority complex bestowed upon them from their population as a result of their "good" looks.  I prefer to get to know the person beneath the flesh and understand what makes them tick.  I choose not to make them feel inferior because they do not match the description in this invisible manual of standards that people seem to live by.

I have been watching all of the press lately surrounding bullies.  Many of us have experienced mental (and sometimes physical anguish) at the hands of others.  The remarkable thing....is that if you were to be able to see behind the facade that bullies present you would see that many of them that are just damaged people that inflict harm on another in order to alleviate some of the pain or disgust they feel about themselves.  Some of them leave life long scars on people and are completely oblivious to the damage they have done because they were not emotionally capable to look at their actions through the eyes of another.  I have seen misguided bullies that are mean as a result of inheriting observed behaviors.  It is obvious that they do not even know why they bestow cruelty upon others.

Language is a beautiful thing as it allows us to communicate thoughts and emotions to one another through words.  One simple sentence can evoke so many emotions in someone and a completely different set of feelings in another.  But we have become so segregated as a society that it has become common place to use words as a weapon.  It is a regular practice to take an inspirational writing and twist and turn the words to interpret the thoughts in a cruel and condemning way.  Even what I am saying now can be considered "right on" by one persons view and "completely ludicrous" from anothers.  They are just words....we take from them what we want....but somehow people do not seem to realize that.

The point I am trying to make is....the world is really messed up.  We have become so disengaged from one another that even with remarkable technology we are regressing.  It has become virtually impossible to truly believe and love one self because we are inundated with a slew or preconceived beliefs and agreements that were programmed into us instead of discovered on our own.  It is are to undo something like that.  We have become so hateful against others but do not seem to really comprehend what we are being hateful for.  We have been taught to judge and view people as "wrong" without coming to the realization that we ourselves are not perfect.

I am not a saint.  I have had moments in my life where I have looked at someone and felt negative emotions...but I have taught myself to take that opportunity to seize that moment and turn the mirror on myself.  Do I like what I see in my reflection?  What is it about me that makes me any better than them?  I don't agree with everyones beliefs.  I have strongly formed opinions of my own.  I just have found that if I disagree...it is a must easier alternative to just choose not to participate in that lifestyle than it is to attack the people for not being the way I think they should be.  It should be common practice to love and appreciate one another...but if you can't...then just let it be.  We will never heal as a population until we allow ourselves to break down the barriers and remove the hate from the equation.  Hate....Discrimination...Judgement....it solves nothing.

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Very insightful and well said. While I realize there are many good people doing good deeds out there, there is an awful lot of unnecessary cruelty too. Personally, I think most of the damage that comes from the hatred and cruelty is when it occurs within the family. I mean it's a challenge when picking out friends, but at least you can change that, if necessary.

Thank you so much for the compliments!

Very well stated. This one and the the Face in the Mirror piece..Excellent. I wonder if I'll live long enough to read ALL that you write (lol), and I will want to read all~~<br />
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Brightest Blessings in all things, my friend LR

I agree, but you know people tend to think of other races and cultures as lesser so they can think of them selfs as higher, and it's so clear that they don't even try to change what they think is wrong - apart from color - they prefer to keep it that way to feel good about them selfs, of course there is hope, but I'm afraid that won't cut it. if we really want to Chang the world - that isn't imposable as it may sound - we have to start with our selfs then with our families, close friends etc... and slow steady changes can be achieved that may some day become permanent. (i didn't actually planed to be that dreamy, but here you go)

Well said my dear friend. I especially find your statement "we are inundated with a slew of preconceived beliefs and agreements that were programmed into us instead of discovered on our own." What a world of peace it would be if people did not just buy thoughts and ideas on blind faith that someone else is right.

I know there is hope. And I believe there are good people out there....but I think the hateful still have the upper hand and the good people aren't using their voice...which means change is a long time off.

No its happening now. Meditate and imagine a world without hate and imagine a world with endless possibilities and no limitations. Manifest it.