The Myth Of Gender Discrimination.

i have never understood hatred of the opposite gender.
i think it is the way weak people too afraid of pain hurt themselves, and i would go so far to say that `gender' itself is an oxymoron and doesn't even exist. a veil of maya...illusion.
our roles have been learned since the first man and the first woman, based on biology and perpetuation of the species. or based on stories from one holy book or the other.
the bible certainly has helped perpetuate the myth.
eve bit the apple that screwed us up for eternity and beyond...
eve was made from adam, thus metaphorically dependent upon `man' from the beginning.
i am all for `woman's rights'
believe me, i am a lion in defending the underdog, and it has given me a few black eyes.
but not believing in `gender' i just call it `human' rights.
i lived in south africa for many years.
they call capetown `rapetown' and i witnessed atrocities that haunt my soul.
so, believe me, i am extremist...child molesters, violent rapists...the sick, sadistic non-human male animals in our society should (in my opinion) have their genitals removed completely, if not just simply put to death. quick, painless, spend what we taxpayers would have on clothing and feeding this monster instead on victim compensation, trauma counseling, medical expenses, and women in need shelters.

but the word itself cannot exist.
for simply, the most chauvenistic, brutal, woman-hating man on earth right now and in all of history came from EQUAL parts woman and man.
the zygote, man and woman created.
if conception is when life begins then it is this combining of male and female that is the focus.
i am not man.
not fully. nobody is.
i am the blend of two, to make the
so to hate a gender, one would have to hate a part of oneself.
that 49% of my mother that i am.
that we are. we `men'
so the only difference is roles taught.
so inherent and ingrained that it is impossible to not see this person as `her' or `he'
if the myth had been reversed, and adam had eaten the apple, i do imagine even the physical characteristics would be reversed.
thus the power of the infinite mind.

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Smart & Good...thank you for sharing! Hugs, LW